The ghosts haunting New York City

What goes on at night in the Big Apple?

(NEW YORK, NY) — ’Tis the season for gloomy nights and ghost stories. There are quite a few old spirits creeping around New York City, with some even creepier backstories. Have you been to one of these haunted places?

Grab the popcorn…

Turn off the lights…

Let’s visit Manhattan after dark…

Washington Square Park

Washington Square Park arch

For the common New Yorker, Washington Square Park is a place for fairs, picnics, concerts, and enjoying the outdoors. But back in the day, before Washington Square was a park, it held events so gruesome, it’ll make picnic goers lose their appetite.

The Hangman’s Elm, located in the northwest corner of the park, is Manhattan’s oldest living tree. To many, it’s also known as “The Hanging Tree.” Legend has it that hundreds of years ago, the tree was used for public executions. In addition, during the yellow fever outbreaks, the land was used as a burial ground. To this day, archeologists are still uncovering body parts below the park.

Some park goers have reported witnessing paranormal activity firsthand. Would you be okay with an uninvited picnic guest?

Brittany Hall at NYU

Greenwich Village seems to be a paranormal hub. On 55 E. 10th St., just a few blocks from Washington Square Park, sits a haunted freshman dorm. According to New York University students, this dorm is haunted by a 20th-century ghost named Molly. Molly is said to spend most of her time in the elevators or roaming the halls.

However, Molly is not scary. According to residents, she is a friendly ghost and adds a certain uniqueness to the building.

14 West 10th Street

14 West 10th Street

This building has been dubbed the most haunted building in New York. Legend has it that this townhouse is home to 22 ghosts.
From 1900-1901 the famous Mark Twain lived there and reported experiencing and witnessing paranormal activity. Throughout the 20th century, the building saw an array of traumatic and gruesome deaths including a murder-suicide. Some even say Mark Twain can be seen hanging around the staircase. Would you move here, 22 roommates and all?

Hotel Chelsea

Hotel Chelsea

This legendary Manhattan building holds some legends of its own. Guests have reported everything from hearing screams and footsteps, to witnessing flashing bathroom lights and random running sinks.

Given the number of deaths the hotel has seen, it’s no surprise that some ghosts have never checked out, like Nancy Spungen, allegedly murdered by her boyfriend, Sex Pistols bassist Sid Vicious.

Legend has it that a ghost by the name Mary, a survivor of the Titanic who lost her husband in the accident, can be seen staring at her reflection in mirrors.

New Amsterdam Theater

New Amsterdam Theater

This is one of the oldest theaters in New York with an old legend to match. This theater is supposedly haunted by the ghost of Olive Thomas. Back in the early 1900’s Olive was a stunning actress and model. She was the mistress of Ziegfeld Follies, a theater impresario. In 1920 Olive died under mysterious circumstances. Some think she was murdered by her husband and can be seen creeping around the theater to this day. However, not everyone at the theater will be able to catch a sight. Legend has it that she only shows herself to men.

The Brooklyn Bridge

Brooklyn Bridge

At night while walking on the Brooklyn Bridge many claim, if you’re quiet enough, you can hear ghostly footsteps, accompanied by a headless figure.

Since opening in 1883, the bridge has seen deaths from jumpers and construction workers, but one incident comes to the minds of those fascinated with this haunting.

In 1875, a construction worker was decapitated when a cable snapped. Many say he now wanders around the bridge looking for a walking partner with a head.

The Ear Inn

The Ear Inn

If you’re visiting this Hudson Square bar make sure you hold your drink tight. Legend has it that a friendly ghost named Mickey will sip your cup clean when you’re not looking. Some say the longshoreman drank himself to death while waiting for his clipper ship to arrive in the harbor.

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