Is Amazon heading to Long Island City?

Amazon looks to build its second headquarters in New York

Amazon Headquarters Seattle Washington

(LONG ISLAND CITY, NY) — Amazon might be coming to Long Island City. According to reports, Amazon plans to split its second headquarters between Long Island City and the Crystal City area of Arlington, VA.

Long Island City, once home to warehouses and dive bars, has been reshaping its appearance with the rise of promising new developments. Starting in 2020, around 1,000 Bloomingdale’s employees will move into a 550,000-square-foot office and other companies are forecasted to follow.

New residential buildings are being built on nearly every block. Compared to prices in Manhattan, apartments in Long Island City are much more affordable with some of the same awesome perks such as gyms, swimming pools, etc. In fact, since there is so much open space in Long Island City, many buildings will give renters first and last month free, which makes the short commute to Manhattan the sweet, sweet cherry on the already delicious cake.

How will the coming of Amazon impact the area?

Well, with Amazon’s second headquarters come 25,000 new weekday workers. In other words, 25,000 more commuters Long Island City needs to account for. Some of the biggest worries surround the 7 train, the line that runs through most of Queens. According to reports, the line is already having a hard time handling the increasing number of residents in the area and that’s without Amazon in the picture.

However, Amazon is expected to accelerate Long Island City’s transformation. By the time its next headquarters opens up much of the current construction will be complete, making room for the development of new restaurants, shops, and of course, residential buildings.


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