Luxury co-living spaces are becoming popular among young renters

Living on a budget made easy

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(NEW YORK, NY) — Rent in New York City is undoubtedly expensive, but that isn’t stopping some New Yorkers from living comfortably in Manhattan while on a budget.

Luxury co-living spaces are gaining popularity in metropolitan areas. Co-living is an easy concept to grasp, but the luxury part of it will leave many second-guessing the tiny one bedroom they’re reading this in right now.

High-end co-living is when a big group of people live together and share well-designed communal spaces and awesome amenities. To go with their small, fully-furnished studios, residents share large living spaces that come with perks such as organized group events, and weekly housekeeping that provides clean linens, refreshed toiletries, and kitchen supplies.

Co-living spaces that pop up in expensive cities offer unmatched deals compared to cheaper apartments in the area. Rent in a co-living space can be roughly $1,650 a month, which includes utilities, wifi, laundry, housekeeping, and supplies. Co-living spaces outshine the $1,300 closets for rent that don’t offer any perks.

New York City recently announced that it will offer incentives to developers who are building co-living spaces.

It’s not just the perks of a co-living space that are catching the interest of residents, but the community that comes with it. The idea of a friendly living space may appeal to those who spend most of their time working. Who said living in the city has to be lonely? Organized events like social mixers on the weekend allow residents of co-living spaces to create meaningful relationships with others in the building, and in our book, that perk is priceless.

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