Enjoy a trip to East Hampton this winter

Take advantage of off-season vacations

Eclectic living room in the Hamptons. (Chastity Cortijo)

(HAMPTONS, NY) — Vacation is an eight-letter word that leaves wallets empty and stress levels high. This winter, recharge with a relaxing, budget-friendly vacation to Long Island’s East Hampton.

Off-season travel can be extremely rewarding if planned the right way. A trip to East Hampton will allow you to enjoy all of the area’s beauty—the stunning beaches, arts, shops, and restaurants— without having to deal with the downsides—high prices, crowds, and traffic.

East Hampton hotels are certainly stunning, but during the summer months, they can pricey. According to platforms like booking.com and Airbnb, it’s much cheaper to find a place to stay over the winter. Whether you’re cozying up in the lounge or roasting a marshmallow over a bonfire, you’ll be met with an intimate hotel atmosphere perfect for relaxation.

Those who head to the Hamptons during the summer know that traffic is a nightmare. During the off-season months, the route to the Hamptons is mostly clear. That’s right, no bumper-to-bumper traffic on 27 East, just smooth sailing. Not only is it easier to get to, but East Hampton’s windy roads—usually crowded with beachgoers—will allow you to take in the beauty of the area without the sound of car horns in the background.

East Hampton offers unique daytime activities like ice skating, cider tastings, and special screenings of live theater from the Metropolitan Opera at GuildHall. Vacationers can also enjoy trendy restaurants without having to deal with hour-long waits. And, let’s not forget the natural beauty of the area’s iconic beaches. This winter, make sure to bundle up and head for a stroll on Indian Wells Beach or Atlantic Avenue. Your creative spark will thank us later.

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