Living in the most expensive zip code in New York

How expensive is it?

(NEW YORK, NY) — The most expensive zip code in New York belongs to a tiny village in the Hamptons by the name of Sagaponack.

According to PropertyShark, the median sale price of a home in Sagaponack is $5.5 million, and according to a GoBankingRates study, you’ll need to make a minimum of $853,738 to live there comfortably.

The village has a population of 491 and the median listing price for a home is $7.1 million.

Sagaponack is home to many CEOs and celebrities. To name a few, Jimmy Fallon purchased a $5.5 million farmhouse there back in 2011, and businessman Ira Rennert owns a 29-bedroom, 39-bathroom mansion.

Jimmy Fallon, 444 PARSONAGE LANE SAGAPONACK. Credit: Elliman

The village is made up of seaside communities and is about a 2.5-hour drive to New York City.

PropertyShark reported that 11962 is not only the most expensive zip code in the state, but it’s also the second most expensive in the country!


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