Luxury condos in New York City are offering kid-friendly amenities

Forget About The Playground And Make Room For An IMAX Theater

(NEW YORK, NY) — Next time you go hunting for a new place make sure to bring your kids. Luxury real-estate developers are designing buildings stocked with kid-friendly amenities, according to MarketWatch.

These amenities include IMAX theaters, 3D gaming rooms, mini soccer fields and basketball courts, trampoline rooms, heated pools, a kid concierge, luxury playrooms, and more. 

Playroom at 130 William
Credit: BuzzBuzzHome

But that’s not all! MarketWatch reported that separate apartments for au pairs are also a popular draw for buyers with families. Along with the purchased condo, some buildings will offer residents an additional apartment for their au pairs.

At a time when property prices are soaring, it’s no surprise that developers are looking for creative ways to attract residents. After all, New York City has moved into a buyer’s market. Family-friendly neighborhoods are jam-packed with luxury living spaces, so features like a 3D gaming room and an IMAX theater can very easily be deciding factors.

These kid-friendly perks can be found in family-friendly neighborhoods such as Tribeca and the Upper East Side, according to MarketWatch. For some sellers, children will now be the focal point of their sales pitches. 

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