The city’s Department of Buildings announces new system to protect rent-regulated units

Those found making false claims will be held accountable

New York City, NY

(NEW YORK, NY) Last Thursday, the city’s Department of Buildings announced a new measure that will help prevent landlords from filing paperwork that falsely claims there are no rent-regulated apartments in a building, according to a report by Crain’s.

The agency is currently integrating a state database of rent-regulated apartments into its own information systems. This integration will allow the agency to double check landlords that claim their buildings are free of rent-regulated units.

The announcement comes at a time when residents of rent-regulated units are battling harassment and coercion from landlords and building owners. Those who are caught lying will be met with legal consequences.

“This measure will prevent owners of rent-regulated buildings from getting construction permits if they submit false statements to the department,” said Rick Chandler, commissioner of the DOB.  

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