It has been the deadliest year in nearly a decade for New York City construction workers

Yet projects continue

Construction workers in Manhattan

(NEW YORK, NY) — It has been the deadliest year in decades for New York construction workers. A report by Crain’s revealed that in 2018, construction fatalities and injuries have been higher than any year since the post-recession building boom. The construction worker killed in Brooklyn back in November marked the twelfth death this year. According to the report, that number was even higher when deaths involving workplace safety violations but not city code violations were counted.

Last year, the city agreed on a construction-safety law that will soon require all workers to partake in 40 hours of safety training. However, part of the program, which would require 30 hours of work-safety training, was put on hold until the spring because many feared projects would slow down.

According to the report, the department has issued more safety-related plans for large job sites and has hired 150 inspectors.

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