How the Grinch can help you sell your home this holiday season

Selling a home during the holiday season is not impossible

Snowfall in New York City

(NEW YORK, NY) — The holidays are approaching, and you want to sell your home. Despite what many may think, selling a home during the holiday season is not impossible. It just requires some extra work and a whole lot of creativity.


The holiday season is the perfect excuse to dress your home in stunning decor.  A warm, homey atmosphere is enticing. From a financial perspective, a home that looks its best is more likely to net more. But here’s the catch. Too much is never a good thing. While it is a good idea to decorate your home, don’t go overboard.


During the holiday season, keep the outside of your house presentable. We get it—there’s snow on the ground, the weather is cold, and the only sight of green is the wreath on your door, but a presentable outside will appeal to prospective buyers. Plus, no one wants to slip on ice while walking through the front door.

Bake some cookies

Okay, if you aren’t a cookie fan—if that’s even possible— put something delicious in the oven while showing your home. Make the prospective buyer feel as comfortable as possible. Remember, they are strolling through your home trying to envision it as their home. 

Price it right

We’ve covered this before. Listings during the winter have a harder time selling at the market rate. So, listen to your agent and price your home right. The more incentives you give during the giving season, the more prospective buyers you will attract.

Top-notch photos & videos

Let your home sell itself. The best way to do this is to take quality photos and videos.  During the holiday season, fewer people are looking to buy, so you have to make sure your home stands out.

Let’s take a trip to Baltimore…

No, we aren’t suggesting you go to Baltimore. But, check this out. A couple in Baltimore used the Grinch in their listing photos, and the creative idea took the news by storm.

Now, we aren’t saying you need to put a Grinch in every room of your home, but creativity can go along way. And, what better time to be creative than during the holiday season?

Credit: Dudley Frank Home Team

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