Celebrity Spotlight: Taylor Swift’s real estate empire includes eight properties across four states

The pop star owns over $84 million in real estate

Taylor Swift in Tribeca, NY

(NEW YORK, NY) — It’s easy to forget that celebrities aren’t just celebrities. Some dabble in the food industry, others in the fashion industry, and a select few in real estate.

Taylor Swift, American singer-songwriter, is known for her elaborate stage performances and hit pop songs. But along with her catchy tunes, Swift owns over $84 million in real estate.

According to the Insider, Taylor Swift has been collecting real estate since she was 20 years old. She now owns eight properties across four states.

In 2009, she purchased a condo in Nashville’s Music Row for around $3 million.

Then, in 2011 she purchased a $3.97 million mansion in Beverly Hills. From there, she purchased a $17.75 million mansion in Rhode Island, a $20 million penthouse in New York, and another Beverly Hills mansion for $25 million.

Now, let’s discuss her presence in New York. After purchasing the $20 million New York penthouse she bought the apartment next door for $18 million. Her New York City expansion plan didn’t end there. She later purchased an apartment on the same block for $9.75 million.


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