Governor Andrew Cuomo cancels planned L train shutdown

A last-minute announcement that changes everything

NYC Subway

(NEW YORK, NY) For the past few years, all eyes have been on the L train shutdown and how it will impact the housing market.  According to a report by StreetEasy, since news of the shutdown rents in the North Brooklyn submarket have fallen to 2015 levels, for-sale prices dropped in Williamsburg, and some Williamsburg residents have started browsing new neighborhoods.

Well, what if we told you that Governor Cuomo just proposed an alternative option that would change plans to shut down the L train subway tunnel?

After concluding that a shutdown was the only way to repair the tunnel back in December, Cuomo shocked the city with what he had to say on Thursday.

“There will be no L train shutdown,” Cuomo announced.

According to Cuomo, new technologies will allow the line to continue running while construction workers fix the damaged tunnel. For the 300,000 daily commuters who rely on the Brooklyn-to-Manhattan line, this is good news.

“With this design it would not be necessary to close the L train tunnel at all, which would be a phenomenal [help] to the people of New York City,” Cuomo said. “There would need to be some night and weekend closures of only one tube, but it would be a major, major breakthrough.”

The new innovative design—brought together by engineers from Columbia and Cornell Tech and a team of mechanical civil engineers—has never been used in the US before. The repairs are expected to take 15-20 months to complete, most likely with night and weekend closures.

After years of planning and budgeting, Gov. Cuomo has announced a 15-month shutdown of the L train is unnecessary.

Details on when the repairs for the L train will begin have not been disclosed.

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