The L train shutdown is canceled, but not everyone is celebrating

Companies, startups, and some residents…

The L train, NYC

(NEW YORK, NY) —For many New Yorkers, Gov. Cuomo’s out-of-left-field alternative to the L train shutdown sent a wave a relief.

However, some were far from thrilled.

News of the cancellation of the L train shutdown has left established companies, startups, and some residents in the dust.

Judlau Contracting finalized a contract to work on the Canarsie Tunnel back in 2017. Known for delivering New York City’s historic Second Avenue subway, the firm had a good relationship with Gov. Cuomo and the MTA. Following the news of an alternative plan, the $492 million contract will have to be renegotiated.

E-scooter companies have used the L train shutdown to help push the legalization of e-scooters in the city. Ride-sharing startups, such as the New L, have also come to the surface in light of the need for another form of transportation.

In addition, bike-share services such as $LIMEBIKE and Citi Bike have set forth plans to add additional bikes and services in the areas impacted by the shutdown, which as of Thursday, may no longer be necessary.

For some residents news of the shutdown prompted them to move to new neighborhoods. And for some prospective renters, Williamsburg was no longer an option.

While Cuomo’s last-minute decision to cancel a 15-month shutdown has prevented a transportation nightmare for New Yorkers commuting to Manhattan every day, those who have spent years planning for it are left at a loss.

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