Tech startup will reduce NYC’s carbon footprint

Rudin has launched Prospective Data

New York City

(NEW YORK, NY) — Rudin’s new tech startup, Prospective Data, aims to reduce New York City’s carbon footprint. The New York City-based commercial real estate company  has cut its overall carbon usage by 44% across its Manhattan commercial portfolio. This means Rudin is ahead of schedule and will meet its goal of 50% reduction of greenhouse gas emissions nearly 10 years earlier than planned.

Now, the firm plans to use its smart building technology, Nantum, to help New York City reduce GHG by 80% before 2050.

Nantum is an operating system that combines data from Rudin’s buildings with numbers from utility companies. The system regulates heat, elevators and other machinery, which allows building operators to make decisions based on real-time data that will reduce carbon emissions while maintaining a comfortable environment for occupants.

The system has been proven effective. Last year, the 19 properties using Nantum together saw a 44% reduction in carbon emissions.

This single integrated platform takes data sets that otherwise would not be connected and integrates them into one dashboard, thus providing property owners with real-time situational awareness.

Over the past few years, cutting New York City’s carbon footprint has been a heated topic. Back in November, Costa Constantinides, a Queens Councilor who leads the council’s Committee on Environmental Protection, introduced a bill that aims to cut pollution 40% by 2030. This timeline proposes emission cuts at a much faster rate than the original agreement back in August which aimed to cut emissions 40-60% by 2080.

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