StreetEasy to launch new platform for agents

Listing Tools is set to roll out over the next few months

(NEW YORK, NY) — StreetEasy has launched Listing Tools, a new platform that makes it easier and simpler for agents to enter and manage their NYC listings.The new platform will replace the old entry system and has two models for agents: the free model and the enterprise model. Partnering with Douglas Elliman, StreetEasy’s enterprise version is customized to each brokerage firm and merges with marketing platforms.

“The NYC real estate market is unlike any other market in the country. We spent the last year focused on better understanding the challenges local agents faced and how we could improve their day-to-day with technology,” said Matt Daimler, general manager of StreetEasy. “As a result, we built something that marries the importance of data accuracy with convenience, and ultimately a platform that empowers agents to focus on what they do best: advising buyers, sellers and renters on their real estate decisions. We’re proud to work with forward-thinking brokerages and agents to usher this next phase of tech into the NYC real estate market.”

Listing Tools provides agents with two exclusive features: Agent Spotlight and the Listing Tool app.

Agent Spotlight will allow listing agents the option to have exclusive placement on the sales listings they’re advertising on StreetEasy. The Listing Tools app will operate as a listing management app and will allow agents to manage their listings directly from their phones. Agents will be able to do things such as create and publish a listing, take and rearrange photos, update listing facts and home status, schedule an open house, and more.

The enterprise version is set to launch before the free version, but both will include a new desktop interface and mobile app.

The purpose of the new platform is to cater to agents who manually enter their own listings. According to StreetEasy, more than 50% of its active listings are entered manually.

Listings Tools will become open to the public over the next few months. StreetEasy will also launch features including Premier Agent on StreetEasy, Building Experts, StreetEasy PRO and Featured Listings programs.

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