The tech-sweet platforms that will change the industry in 2019

How to sell your home on your iPhone

(NEW YORK, NY) — Time is of the essence these days. Cutting-edge technology is changing the way we do everything. From parking a car to ordering food, daily tasks are made simple with the click of a button.

And if you were excited for wireless earbuds and talking speakers, wait until we tell you about the new interface that allows you to sell a house on your iPhone.

Partcip8 Realty is a Boston-based startup that allows users to sell their home from their iPhone without hiring an agent. This startup is particularly useful for DIY sellers that fall victim to third-party fees solely because of a lack of knowledge. Partcip8 will walk each seller through the process of selling a home while avoiding thousands upon thousands of dollars in agent fees. And get this, According to the company, a seller in Arlington, MA saved $22,376 in fees using the service’s Basic Plan.

Particp8 offers four packages. And while the service promotes independent selling, there is an option for guided or agent managed sale that is significantly cheaper than hiring a traditional broker.

But wait, there’s more.

For those who are looking to make 2019 the year of adventures, we have the perfect platform for you. is making camping easier., one of the largest outdoor hospitality booking sites in Europe has launched in the US. This platform allows guests to book tents, RV sites, cabins, and more with the click of a button on their tablets. Campers are able to search preferences such as campsite rules, featured amenities, spoken languages, nearby towns, interests, and more.

Every year new and exciting technology launches and makes enjoying life a bit easier. The year has just begun, but 2019 is already looking tech-sweet.

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