Amazon fights to win approval of skeptic locals

The company will propose three new strategies

(NEW YORK, NY) —  If you are skeptical about Amazon’s coming to Long Island City, the tech-giant has not forgotten about you.

This Wednesday at a City Council meeting, Amazon is expected to roll out a list of three plans that will be put forth to help ease the minds of local skeptics.

The Plans

The company will hire public housing residents to work at a new 30-person customer service center and will establish a certificate program at LaGuardia Community College to help students gain entry-level technology jobs. The company  also stated that it would fund computer science courses at more than 130 New York high schools, as reported by the New York Times.

“We have been meeting with small-business owners, educators, and community leaders,” Brian Huseman, vice president of public policy at Amazon, said to the New York Times. “We’re excited by what we’re hearing from them and the work we’re planning together.”

However, the fate of the meeting is in the air. Many New York residents are expected to remain opposed to the tech-giant’s move.

However one thing is for certain, if the fight against Amazon continues, Amazon will fight back.

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