Too good to be true: Upper West Side apartment is just $510 per month

The apartment is the size of a closet


(NEW YORK, NY) — A 49-square-foot studio on the Upper West Side costs just $510 a month. That’s right, an apartment the size of a closet boasts enough space for a bed and well, that’s it.

The miniature apartment resides in a building on West 71st Street. The listing was uploaded by Citi Habitats but has since been removed.

6sqft first reported on the apartment back when the listing was active.

“There’s a miniature sink in the corner, but since this is an SRO, the actual bathroom is shared in the hall. The room is a fifth-floor walkup and has no kitchen, though there does appear to be a mini-fridge crammed in there. And we’re guessing that plank of wood is something to sleep on?” said 6sqft. 

Now, we’ve seen some small apartments in NYC before, but we’ve never seen a 49-square-foot lease. However, if you are living on a budget and don’t mind the tight squeeze, this $510 per month humble abode is an ideal move.

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