Amazon reconsiders move to Long Island City

The company may back out due to angered locals

7 Train in Long Island City

(NEW YORK, NY) — Amazon is reconsidering the big move to Long Island City.

The company may seek a new location for its second headquarters as tension continues to build between Gov. Cuomo and the New York State Senate. Many New York lawmakers criticize the $3 billion deal Cuomo made with the company claiming its negative impact on local residents will be irreversible.

But the fight doesn’t end locally. Many fear the move will set a precedent of large corporations taking advantage of the city.  

“The deal that is before us would be horrible for New York and horrible for the country and set the precedent of giving $3 billion to the wealthiest corporation in the company to pay them to come here, especially when many of us believe they were likely to come anyway,” said Queens Senator Michael Gianaris to FOX Business.

However, Amazon has put its best foot forward to reassure the community that it will be a good neighbor.

“Whether it’s building a pipeline of local jobs through workforce training or funding computer science classes for thousands of New York City students, we are working hard to demonstrate what kind of neighbor we will be,” said a company spokesperson to FOX Business.

Amazon has yet to start building the campus, so it wouldn’t be difficult to opt out of the commitment. However, with 25,000 promised jobs on the table, New York could take a hit if the company decides to look elsewhere.

After the warm welcome the company received from Virginia, the uproar in New York is causing a headache the company may be tired of dealing with. Gov. Cuomo will continue to push to keep the company in New York as the fight carries on.

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