New-York based architecture firm to build orphanage community

DXA Studio plans to open the orphanage community in 2020

(NEW YORK, NY) — DXA Studio, a New-York based architecture and design firm has begun developing a 17-acre orphanage community in Northern Zambia.

The site will include a chapel, school, health clinic, orphanage homes, a sports field and administration buildings.

“We are honored to be a part of such meaningful development in Zambia,” said DXA Studio Partner, Wayne Norbeck. “It will be thrilling to see this community take shape, knowing the impact it will have for these children.”

The chapel will reflect the beauty of the surrounding area and will be built with traditional Zambian building techniques which include timber frames and a thatched roof.

The project, the NyameNsa Village, will open in summer of 2020.

The project is being managed by Attie Van Wyk of African Project & Construction Consultants.

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