New York City looks to Tesla to build underground tunnel from Manhattan to JFK

The Boring Company proposes electric vehicles and cost-friendly tunnels

(NEW YORK,NY)— New York City is looking for a quicker way to travel from Manhattan to JFK. According to reports, the city has reached out to Tesla founder Elon Musk for engineering ideas.

Musk’s company, The Boring Company, stated New York wasn’t the first city to come to them with questions. The company recently launched a test of  its short-distance tunnel based transportation systems in Hawthorne, California. If successful, it may be introduced to other cities.

As for New York City, the plan to build a Manhattan-Queens tunnel under the design of The Boring Company would consist of two tunnels less than 14 feet wide with electric vehicles running simultaneously inbound and outbound.

According to the company, the small width of the tunnel would cut construction costs and would be time friendly.

Engineers have identified possible issues of the plan which include ventilation, the logistics of emergency response, and the tunnels impact on other New York tunnels. However according to The Boring Company’s website, the system features regular emergency exits and does not have a high-voltage third rail. The risk of fire is also low because the tunnels are lined with non-flammable concrete.

Governor Andrew Cuomo is eager to create a quicker route to JFK and will continue working with engineers to find a solution.

According to reports, The Boring Company has received a building permit from Washington, D.C., which could kick-start the plan to build a high-speed tube system between New York City and Washington, D.C. The tube will take passengers from NYC to D.C. in just 29 minutes and will stop in Philadelphia and Baltimore.



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