On the call with Candice Milano and Malessa Rambarran: Introducing TOWRE

Connect, educate, and grow with individuals in all sectors of real estate

Candice Milano and Malessa Rambarran

(NEW YORK, NY) — The organization Women in Residential Real Estate is on a mission to empower clients through education and networking.

Co-founders Candice Milano and Malessa Rambarran have just announced the launch of a new name and logo in an effort to showcase the renewed vision of the platform.

Now named TOWRE, The Organization by Women in Real Estate, the new brand will encompass a larger group of individuals while still preserving the organization’s founding mission of connecting educating and empowering clients on how to grow wealth through real estate.

I had the privilege of speaking with both Candice and Malessa about the overall purpose of the organization along with the thought process behind the rebranding effort.

What was the inspiration behind creating the organization?

We founded the organization because we wanted to highlight and give more exposure to women in the industry. When we started, we noticed a lack of representation for women in the industry. Yes, there were successful businesswomen, but overall it was a man’s world.

Women in Real Estate formed organically. We began putting our efforts toward empowering other women through education and as we gained traction, it evolved into something amazing.  

Can you guys discuss the rebranding effort and the new name?

The vision of the rebranding effort was to create a platform that was more reflective of what the organization has evolved to. We began as an organization that focused primarily on residential real estate, but as we grew, our platform began to include clients and individuals involved with all sectors of real estate. Our new brand encompasses all facets of the industry, it is not limited to residential.

The name TOWRE has a double meaning. It represents what the we do while maintaining the organization’s fundamental values. We wanted the name to evolve from how it was founded. The WRE of TOWRE  still represents women, while better representing what we’re all about—empowering all entrepreneurs.

Our clients are in finance, private equity, commercial and residential real estate, and more. At TOWRE, we talk about real estate as a whole, not in small sections. Everyone is interconnected and at our events we celebrate that connection.

What is in TOWRE’s future as we begin 2019?

We have redesigned the event series for 2019, which will launch soon.

Our events host an educational segment and a networking segment. We curate the guest list based on trending topics. By studying the guest lists we make sure that everyone walks away having gained insight and value. We love seeing our clients collaborate and close deals together. We are excited for 2019 and the excitement our events will create.  

How can people join?

The best way to get involved is to contact us directly. Our contact information can be found on our website: https://www.themrteam.com/TOWRE/

TOWRE is a platform that empowers all of our existing and prospective clients. Its members consist of a dynamic mix of renters, first time home buyers, investors, developers and high-profile individuals. We are strong advocates that anyone can create and grow their wealth through real estate and that is a message we will continue to deliver through TOWRE.

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