Matthew Leone has been named Halstead’s new Chief Brand and Marketing Officer

This is a new position at the firm

Manhattan, New York

(NEW YORK, NY) Halstead has announced Matthew Leone as the new chief brand and marketing officer. Formerly the chief marketing officer of Halstead’s parent company, Terra Holdings, Leone has decided to join Halstead exclusively and will oversee marketing and further expand the firm’s brand activities.

Good marketing is the foundation of any successful real estate firm. I spoke with Matthew to get his thoughts on the new role and how he plans to take Halstead to new heights.

Can you share a few comment about your new role as the Chief Brand and Marketing Officer?

I am excited about this next chapter in my career. I previously oversaw both Halstead and Brown Harris Stevens as their Chief Marketing Officer for the last 4 years overseeing an incredibly talented 28 member in house marketing division. It was a role that was challenging but in this incredibly competitive marketplace, Halstead needs a team solely dedicated to its Agents, listings and brand direction. It was essential to build that out.

Especially since we just rolled out a nationally recognized rebranding of the company earlier last year covered by Fast Company, BrandWeek, Inman and others. It is imperative to have myself and the brand team singularly focused on building upon the success we have experienced.

I look forward to work with our Creative Director Al Delaney and the brand team in the work ahead.

You are now working exclusively with Halstead. What inspired you to take the position?

Move to what moves you is our tagline and that is what took place. This culture is a perfect fit for me. We are familial, we believe in each other collectively, and they are fearless willing to take chances. We are positioned very well. I have a goal this year for Halstead to think unconventionally in a conventional industry.

This is a new role at Halstead. Can you discuss the importance of this position and how it will benefit the firm?

I will continue to oversee the newly reformed Halstead brand team. In addition, I will take on duties of the role to evangelize the strengths of this firm. This firm is a proud, well respected firm but one historically that was not boisterous enough inside a crowded space with many firms demanding attention.  We have not done a good enough job broadcasting our strengths and our core beliefs. That is something we will work on and have the industry and the consumers know how this brand separates from the pack.

What are your goals as the new Chief Brand and Marketing Officer?

To provide our agents and clients with solutions that are unlike what is currently available in this industry. Holding a Halstead business card will come with certain defined benefits.

We will continue to create products of efficiency for our agents, designs that are exciting and attention grabbing, partnerships that raises our exposure, and finally push out a brand voice full of content that is fresh.

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