Happy birthday, Ruth Ginsburg: Brooklyn looks to rename city building in honor of the judge’s 86th birthday

A party and rally will be hosted this week

(NEW YORK, NY) — Brooklyn is looking to name a city building after Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

Eric Adams, the Brooklyn borough president, says he will honor Ginsburg’s 86th birthday on March 15th with a party followed by a rally demanding the city rename the Brooklyn Municipal Building after Ginsburg.

Born in Brooklyn, Ginsburg’s fights for social rights and battles against discrimination have made her a hero amongst the borough’s locals and across the country.

“She is a symbol of strength, a cancer survivor who has fought for women’s rights her entire life,” said Adams to reporters. “We’ve talked about this and asked, ‘How do we honor such an icon?’ and it was simple — we make statues and name buildings after her.”

The party will take place this Friday. The celebration will be topped with cake and a card guests will be asked to sign.

According to reports, Ginsburg is aware of the request to rename the building and is honored.

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