New York real estate mogul hangs 42-foot tall photo of new wife after 14-week divorce

Harry Macklowe went above and beyond for new wife Patricia Landeau

(NEW YORK, NY) Harry Macklowe has plastered a 42-foot tall photo of his new wife on one of the tallest buildings on the West Coast in another case of revenge with money. 

Harry Macklowe, 81, is one of New York City’s most notorious real estate developers. He just recently finalized a 14-week divorce with his ex-wife of 50 years, Linda. The divorce, far from smooth, required the ex-couple to split $2 billion down the middle and break up an extensive art collection.

The messy battle was exposed on the media for months, making the finalization a relief to all parties involved. For many, a messy divorce can cause more stress than the actual marriage. But Macklowe is doing great! In fact, he is so infatuated with his new life and wife, Patricia Landeau, he decided to express his love by installing a 42-foot tall photo onto the his building, 432 Park Avenue. The very same building Linda was going to buy an apartment in but ultimately decided not to.

“Since I wasn’t getting married during the summer in the Hamptons,” he told the New York Times, “I wasn’t able to hire an airplane with a banner to go up and down the shoreline. I thought: ‘I own a building. Why don’t I just hang a banner from my own building?’”

Some spectators weren’t impressed. With all that money, the real estate mogul could have been more creative. However, Macklowe has reported that since the photo has gone up, his friends have been requesting their husbands do the same!

But is Macklowe truly expressing his love for Patricia or is this just another classic case of adults with money doing childish things?

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There is no word on how long the photo will hang on the building.

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