On the call with Adam Cooper, founder of GasMob: A revolutionary way to get gas

Driving in cities just got easier

(AROUND THE WEB) Cities are known for lots of great things like iconic shopping strips, world renowned eateries, giant skyscrapers, celebrity run-ins, and so much more.

But there are are few essential things cities lack, one of the most important being gas stations. Think about it, have you ever seen a gas station in Midtown? Living in a city is great, but when it’s time to fill up your tank, you have to drive miles to the nearest pump.

Up until now, there was no ideal solution. Those looking to enjoy the thrills of metropolitan living had to deal with the not-so-glamorous struggles of getting gas. But GasMob, a Houston-based startup, is looking to be the Advil to the city + gas headache, and developers are loving it.

Wake up, pour your coffee, dress the kids, and with the click of a button, fill your tank. With GasMob, it’s that easy.

GasMob co-founder, Adam Cooper, refers to his company as a gas station on wheels, and well, we couldn’t think of a better way to describe it.

GasMob is an app that can be found in the App Store that, upon registration, allows you to schedule a time to have your tank filled. Once you confirm your location, there’s nothing else you have to do. A GasMob truck will come to your location, fill up your tank, and send you a notification when the job is done. There is no delivery cost, no sign-up fee, and no monthly charge. All you pay is the price of gas. With leading-edge technology, GasMob matches their gas price to the local gas in your area, making sure you always get the best deal.

GasMob’s partnerships with buildings allow developers to offer GasMob as an amenity. This new, expense-free amenity, gives developers an edge over the competition. And, as Adam reported, the feedback has been great.

“Right now, these buildings want to see how it works. There are a lot of perks to partnering with GasMob. It’s convenient, environmentally friendly, and cost effective. Our customers like the service because it limits emissions, eliminates spending money driving to a gas station, and is as easy as ordering an Uber.”

Currently, the startup serves Florida and Houston but plans on expanding to other metropolitan areas like New York in the near future.

Though the startup launched just a few years ago, it is gaining popularity quickly. When asked about the company’s success with developers and customers, Adam referred to the launch of a new iPhone.

“When a new iPhone comes out, a few people try it out, then after passing on the good word, more consumers become interested. GasMob is gaining a lot of traction through word of mouth. We’ve had success partnering with developers and now, more and more want to get on board with us.”

In part of the company’s marketing efforts, GasMob offers great discounts for first-time users. Adam says getting people to download the app is the difficult part. But once they have it, they don’t stop using it!

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