Major Tech Revolution Shift: New York ranked as No.1

According to a KMPG survey

(NEW YORK, NY) — Could the tech revolution shift us geographically? According to a KMPG survey, Silicon Valley will be stepping out of the limelight and making room for the big city. New York has ranked as No.1 to becoming America’s new and improved tech hub. Other cities that are being innovatively looked at are Tokyo, Beijing and London.

Almost 60 percent of tech respondents stated that it is “very likely” that Silicon Valley will be losing its name as technologies global life source by 2023. Since the rise of cloud computing there has been a large reduction in the need for a single geographical location.

Jack Clare, chief of information and strategy at Dunkin’ Brands Group, believes that “Geography is less important in an always-on, constantly connected world.”

It has also been said that the United States has the largest global impact on technology, China being the runner up.

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