The Hudson Yards Needs a New Fire House, Now!

The Hudson Yards, in Manhattan’s far West Side, is one huge fire hazard.

(NEW YORK, NY) — In five years, 150 thousand people are estimated to be living and working in the central area of the new and improved Hudson Yards. The NYC fire union has taken note that the only thing missing from this upcoming location is a firehouse. Without a firehouse, they fear there is a high risk for crime, arson activity and terrorism.

The new city counselor, Corey Johnson, states “It’s going to be one of the highest concentrations of folks in the city, and a firehouse should have been initially included. It wasn’t. But now we should fight for a firehouse in Hudson Yards,”.

Even though all of the recent developments in this area will have the latest fire-safety technology, the fire department will still have to play catch up when a emergency calls. According to News 1 New York, “last year the FDNY clocked more than 1.7 million calls citywide, a record — 82 percent of them medical emergencies”.


The Fire Commissioner, Daniel Nigro, adds “I won’t say it will be engines or ladders or ambulances or some combination, but certainly when it all is said and done/resources will be needed,”.


The fire department is still presenting their case to the city in order to get proper resources made available to Manhattan’s far West side.   

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