Hudson Yards receives social media backlash

Who wants the rights to your photo?

Hudson Yards Building Complex

(NEW YORK, NY) The Vessel at Hudson Yards, New York’s newest tourist attraction, wants rights to your pictures.

On March 15th, the most expensive development in New York City’s history, Hudson Yards, opened debuting its 50-foot-high copper art sculpture, the Vessel.

If tourists wanted to climb the stairs of the sculpture and enjoy its breathtaking views of Manhattan, they had to sign a waiver issued by the site developer, The Related Companies, granting the company’s rights to all photos and videos taken on or of the staircase.

However, after receiving negative feedback on social media, the company changed the policy to exclude personal pictures.

While social media users won the battle, it is important to note that companies like Disney World have similar policies. And, as reported by Crain’s, most social media platforms secure the right to use photos posted on it. So, who’s the real winner here?


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