New York man sentenced to three years in prison for real-estate scam on the elderly

For these con artists, nothing and no one is off limits

(NEW YORK, NY) A Staten Island man was sentenced to three years in prison for cheating the elderly through a real-estate scam.

According to a report by the Daily News, Yevgeniy Braziler sold elderly investors partnerships in fake real estate companies. He promised his investors that the real estate companies would purchase, renovate, rent, and resell properties in Buffalo and Niagara Falls, New York areas.

According to the report, Braziler accumulated around $1.8 million from investors.

One victim, a World War II veteran, gave Braziler so much money, he couldn’t afford crucial medical treatments.

“He is a predator who takes advantage of older people,” wrote the war veteran. “He should feel great shame.”

While Braziler told the court he felt remorse for his actions, three years in prison will give him plenty of time to think of a more sincere apology.

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