Man claims it took over 30 minutes for an ambulance to arrive at Hudson Yards

(NEW YORK, NY) The FDNY has warned developers at Hudson Yards that the lack of a fire department and emergency personnel in close proximity to the multi-million dollar project poses a risk to visitors and residents.

Recently, a man who fainted at the Hudson Yards mega-mall said it took nearly 30 minutes for an ambulance to arrive. According to reports, that is three times longer than the average emergency response time in New York City.

Rene Plessner, an 80-year-old executive recruiter in the cosmetic industry, said he was dining with his sister when and fainted in his chair.  

According to Plessner, though he called for help, it took 35 to 40 minutes before he was treated and taken to Mount Sinai West on West 58th Street.

A spokeswoman for Related Cos., the developer of Hudson Yards, disputed Plessner’s statement and argues that both staff and EMT responded within minutes.

“Safety and security are of utmost priority,” said the spokeswoman.

And, while the FDNY has called out Hudson Yards for its lack of emergency personnel and fire company, a representative spokesman from the department disputed Plessner’s claims as well.

“I understand we had a unit on scene in about six minutes,” he said.

Considering the traffic and construction surrounding Hudson Yards, Plessner’s recount could very well be accurate. However, despite whether or not it’s true, the development is skating on thin ice without emergency personnel nearby.

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