Million Dollar Listing NY” Star Ryan Serhant & YouTube Star Casey Neistat Get First Look Of NYC’s Newest Supertower

The real estate mogul and YouTube phenom visit New York City’s 111 West 57th in The Serhant Media Group’s Weekly Vlog.

(NEW YORK, NY) — In his popular weekly vlog, Ryan Serhant is joined by Casey Neistat as they give viewers an unprecedented first look at New York City’s newest supertower which will be the slenderest skyscraper in the world, with a width to height ratio of 1:24. With prices starting at $18 Million, the vlog will make this exclusive visit accessible to Serhant’s more 300k subscribers and continues to bring an uncensored, unfiltered, and unapologetic look behind the scenes of the life of New York’s most prominent young real estate agent.

The vlog is produced by The Serhant Media Group (SMG), an in-house marketing arm to both his real estate and television endeavors. The vlog has over 300,000 subscribers and around 22 million total views. The videos have become an integral marketing tool for Ryan’s listings. Since launching his listing promotions via his YouTube Vlog and Social channels, Serhant has sold a $13 Million property, $5 Million property, and a $36 Million deal bringing in new buyers directly through his vlog.

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