Out with the glass, in with the limestone and windows

Architects are breaking away from the traditional glass infrastructure of New York City’s buildings and are making modern buildings with their creativity and functional engineering.

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(NEW YORK, NY) — Although New York’s glass skyscrapers are iconic and breath-taking, it’s breaking from mold that is currently creating the city’s most modern buildings.

One example is Park Slope’s PARLOUR. It is a 19-condominium building with two-to-five-bedroom units on Carroll Street. Although the building is made with traditional limestone and doesn’t showcase any out of ordinary architectural shape, the two-tiered building’s window design is something out of a quirky yet fashion-forward picture book: extra-large windows parallel vertically and horizontally to each other and line the entire building. The limestone is brighter and more cheerful than the typical brownstone and is more intimate than a glass building.

Its design is modern, yet the building’s architects wanted to pay homage to its history, so the building tries to replicate the traditional brownstone with its comfort and scale.

The design also looked to the Park Slope and the Gowanus for inspiration, which are the two neighborhoods the building juxtaposes.

The new design, which harkens to the old, has made it’s point with it’s 3-bedroom units, which are worth $2.39 million. The building remains luxurious, as its extra-large windows allow more light in, thanks to the building’s old-school arches. The building also features minimal yet sleek terraces and contain contemporary kitchens and bathrooms.


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Building details include old-fashion materials such as bronze and terra cotta

Lately, everyone is trying to break away from tradition. The Hudson Yards mall’s architectural pinpoint are the many flights of low stairs that encompass the entire space. The stairs make for a unique geometric perspective when viewed from the top, and push for fitness from its visitors. Luna, a 39-unit condo building in Gowanus, was inspired by Rome’s archaic heavy buildings and arches. The window’s arches each have its own size and shape, while each still retaining a similar design. The building is as if someone molded a bunch of different Roman coliseums together as the building’s arches don’t have uniform height or length. It’s as if New York City’s skyscrapers all diffused into one whole building (the top looks like fun irregular stairs). While building it presented different challenges and pricy decisions, the typical eye won’t help it but to scan over every single individual window, taking in the building’s out-of-ordinary design.

While New York’s glass buildings scream new and always draws the eye, it’s a breather to be able to see something that is also new and luxurious, but also different.

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