Marketing through Twitter: Tips for Real Estate Agents

Adapting to the new uses of online marketing can be a great asset to you and your company!

(MARKETING)— Joining twitter as a real estate agent might seem a little odd but with today’s use of online media, you might want to consider tweeting away!

Twitter can be a great asset to your online media growth! There are so many resources you can use such as Instagram, Facebook, and even Pinterest. For now, we’ll focus on marketing on Twitter.

Assuming you’ve already considered using Twitter or have already created an account but don’t know where to begin, here are some tips to finalize your account. 


#1. Keep the User in Mind

  As a newbie on any social media account, you may want to continuously post and flood your feed with keyboard heavy tweets but don’t forget the purpose of your goal.

 Of course, tweet daily, fill your audience in on real estate developments, new listings, even tweet about your accomplishments. But make sure you’re not overwhelming your followers with too much.

#2 Customize Everything

 If you don’t already have a custom logo, create one! There are many online resources in which you can get some assistance on the logo making process! Twitter makes it really simple to customize your profile. Add your company logo as your header and professional image of yourself as your profile picture. You can even add a small biography explaining your company’s mission or even explaining who you are!

#3 Do some Automation

 Twitter has many features to make the platform a little less overwhelming. One of those neat features is EasyTweets. These are notifications that alert you anytime someone uses your objective words. For example, if your target keywords were “buying a home, EasyTweets would send you a notification of tweets such as “ I’m buying a home in New York City, does anyone know of any real estate agents?” You can reply instantly to these tweets, this is a perfect way to connect with new buyers/renters and expand your network!

#4 Network Reasonably 

  You might enjoy the use of Twitter a little too much now that you’ve gotten the hang of it but remember to network reasonably. Networking locally is one of those factors under “networking reasonably” you may have followers all over the world but it essentially doesn’t matter if you’re solely based in New York City. Of course, it might be helpful if you work internationally but make sure you’re networking within reasonable boundaries. 


 Consider these tips if you’re a real estate agent looking to expand your audience. Adapting to the new uses of online marketing can be a great asset to you and your company!

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