100 Priciest Zip Codes in the US

NoCal’s Atherton takes top spot for third year in a row

Holbrook Palmer Park – Atherton, California

(NEW YORK, NEW YORK)— PropertyShark released their annual list of most expensive US Zip codes for 2019, with California and New York taking most of the top 25 spots.

California dominates the list, both in Los Angeles and Northern California. Northern California’s Atherton tops the list for the third year in a row, with an average sale price of $7.05 million. Although the owners of these mega mansions might not be household names like the stars of Beverly Hills and Santa Monica (whose zip codes are in the top five), famous residents includetop execs, investors, and cofounders of giants like Google, Tesla, and Microsoft. Other top California zip codes span classic real estate strongholds like Silicon Valley, Los Angeles, and Orange County, with coastal cities scoring highest.

Two Manhattan zip codes broke the top 10—10007 and 10013, adjacent zip codes spanning Tribeca. The next most expensive in Manhattan was 10282, at 18 on the list, also in Tribeca, spanning a very small corner of the neighborhood near Stuyvesant High School, and at the 24thand 26thspots, 10001 and 10018 in Midtown, which both encompass parts of Hudson Yards. The most expensive non-Manhattan zips in New York came from the Hamptons.

Some unexpected top spots? Medina, WA and Boston, MA are the only two cities outside of New York and California to break the top ten. Medina is home to Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos, whose companies’ headquarters are both in Seattle.

Some familiar with New York real estate may be surprised that Manhattan didn’t rank higher on the list—but that’s because the Property Shark scores don’t account for price per square foot.

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