Amazon Still Comes to NYC

After adamant community pushback altered HQ plans last year, Amazon still opens new shop in the city

English: Hudson Yards in March 2019. Photo by Chris6d –

(NEW YORK, NEW YORK)— Amazon, which declared it would no longer be coming to NYC after adamant community resistance, has changed its stance, setting up shop in Hudson Yards, The Wall Street Journal reports.Amazon will lease 335,000 square feet of office space in the controversial new development.

Opponents to Amazon HQ, most notably New York Congresswoman Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez and presidential candidate Bernie Sanders, had predicted last year that Amazon and other large tech companies like it would make their way into the city without requiring the $3 billion incentive package and other special benefits that Amazon had initially sought.

Hudson Yards itself has been the beneficiary of even larger tax breaks than the proposed Amazon HQ would have received. The tax breaks that Hudson Yards received will also pass along to future property-owners in the complex. Beneficiaries of the Hudson Yards tax breaks include L’Oreal, eligible for over $5million in tax credits, and the investment firm Blackrock, worth $5 trillion, which received a $25 million tax credit. There is no word yet on whether Amazon is eligible for similar benefits.

Not everyone agrees with Cortez’ assessment. New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, who had spearheaded the original Amazon HQ bid despite vehement opposition, told Associated Press, “This is crumbs from the table compared to a feast. We don’t have a problem bringing businesses to Manhattan but we have been trying for decades to get that Queens waterfront developed.” Despite the fact that many Long Island City residents passionately opposed the deal, Cuomo and his representatives bemoaned that the Queens waterfront would not be developed any time soon, attributing his desires to Queens’ residents interests.

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