What you can get for under $500K in New York

Featuring a cozy studio in Park Slope

The main living space, photo by Compass

(NEW YORK, NEW YORK)— If you haven’t heard the news, now is the time to buy. What would you believe you could get for under $500k in Park Slope, one of the most expensive neighborhoods in NYC? At the moment, it would be this modest but tasteful second-floor apartment on Utica Avenue, listed by Compass’ Cindy Fazio, at only $400k. What’s more, once you can pay off the mortgage, you can have the whole thing for only $290 a month in maintenance fees.

The two-room apartment is listed as a studio, but has a tiny, subdivided “sleeping nook” that makes it more like a one-half-bedroom apartment. It has a sizeable kitchen with brand new appliances for the at-home chef who can compromise on living space but not cooking space, and a sunny central living room outfitted with full length mirrors to make it feel larger.

Not quite ready to take the leap? Consider that the apartment comes along with a coveted 3’x6’ in-building storage unit, so you don’t actually have to own less—you can just see less in your common living space.

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