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Jean-Georges, New York Credit:  Flickr: City Foodsters

    NYC Restaurant Week An Excuse For Real Estate Agents To Wine And Dine Clients

    (New York, NY) — So, you’ve been planning to try The Dutch but the high prices aren’t within your budget. Or, let’s say you want to go to Nougatine at Jean Georges, but you live in the Bowery and you rarely travel to the Upper West Side. Starting today, there’s […]

  • EWATAG Sign of Luxury restaurant club, residence, Cipriani, at 55 Wall Street, New York, Manhattan.United States of America.

    Cipriani To Open Massive Food Hall

    (Upper West Side, NY) — The folks behind the Italian restaurant Cipriani has just announced that it plans on building a massive food hall in three of new towers in the Upper West Side of Manhattan. The 28,000-square-foot space allows you to get a sense of how large the food […]