• US Botanic Gardens, Photo by GPA Photo Archive Licensed Under CC BY-SA 2.0 - https://flic.kr/p/YpFzVH

    Small Victory for Brooklyn Botanical Gardens in Battle with Developers

    (BROOKLYN, NEW YORK)— It seems utopian to envision the potential victory a scrappy group of activists fighting for Brooklyn Botanical Gardens, who are up against Cornell Realty and Carmel Partners, real estate developers valued at multi-millions of dollars each. However, a Judge has dealt them a small victory in chastising […]

  • Broker’s Fees Endure…For Now
    New York City, Uncategorized

    Broker’s Fees Endure…For Now

    (ALBANY, NEW YORK)— After REBNY filed a lawsuit last week, Justice Michael Mackey has temporarily suspended the enforcement of legislation that prohibits landlord’s brokers from collecting fees from tenants, Gothamist reports. The battle endures as the block is only temporary. Mackey isn’t just a REBNY crony–The New York Times clarifies that this […]

  • What you can get for under $500K in New York

    What you can get for under $500K in New York

    (NEW YORK, NEW YORK)— If you haven’t heard the news, now is the time to buy. What would you believe you could get for under $500k in Park Slope, one of the most expensive neighborhoods in NYC? At the moment, it would be this modest but tasteful second-floor apartment on […]