How Can We Help You?

If you’ve got questions or problems with the BrokerPulse Marketplace, we’re standing by to help. Send an email to and we’ll get right on the case. But first, take a moment to see if your question is answered here.


What is the BrokerPulse Marketplace?

It’s a place to post, browse, and search real estate listings. But unlike some other systems, we’ve designed the Marketplace to feature big, beautiful photographs and a blog-style layout of properties perfect for perusing. We’re hoping this makes discovering a property — or listing one! — a pleasure.

Where are listings displayed on BrokerPulse?

Marketplace listings appear in the Marketplace section of BrokerPulse (where you are right now).

Does BrokerPulse make any money from Marketplace sales?

Brokerpulse charges sellers to post their listings to the Marketplace but don’t make a commission on the actual sale of properties.


Who can list properties for sale in the BrokerPulse Marketplace?

Anyone. However, BrokerPulse reserves the right to review all postings and to refuse listings that do not meet our terms of service.

Can I post my rental listing?

Currently, we offer only sales listings.

How do I buy a listing? What’s the cost?

Buying a listing is as simple as clicking the Submit Listings link at the top of the Home Page, regular listings are free. To buy a featured listing, you’ll first need to login or register for a free BrokerPulse account — a process that takes about 10 seconds. If you’re a broker at a major real estate firm, your company might have arranged for bulk purchases of listings, too, which would bring down the cost for you.

What’s the difference between a Marketplace Listing and a Feature Listing?

Marketplace listings appear in the Marketplace section of BrokerPulse, where users can browse listings, search for specific property characteristics, and save searches and listings as favorites. These listings run for 30 days. Feature listings are an upgrade to marketplace listings.

Can readers leave comments on my listing?


Are there package discounts available? Can we give you a feed of all our properties?

Yes. Please email us at for more information.

Do you have other advertising options besides Marketplace Listing?

Yes. If you’re interested in discussing display or customized advertising campaigns, please email

I assume payment is secure and no one’s going to steal my identity?

That’s right. We store all personally identifiable customer information on our secure server, and we never sell or share this information with anyone. All credit card transactions are transmitted securely to our processor,, who will only keep your payment information on file if you elect to do so — and in which case, it is also stored in a highly secure environment. You can read all the particulars of our privacy policy and terms of service.

Who should I contact if I’m still having trouble?

We’re standing by to help. Email or and we’ll figure it out together.